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  1. As I did several doencmutary films of my Holocaust Survival (last one for Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, now filled with Washington Museum of Holocaust) of my four years in concetration camps, being a shoe shine boy for the murderer Martin Borman, second in Naci’s commande, I would gladly supply you with my story of an incrdible survival, tomorrow, I will be 88 years old.Dr.Georges Frank Novak. M.D.

  2. It’difficult to give this blog a like, when it is so sad. But it’s good to keep the story of Terrzin alive, I just finished rneaidg a book about people who were sent to Terrzin. One woman taught art to the children imprisoned there. theName of the book is The Lost Wife.

  3. Grace, thank you for sharing the post on Terezin. We didn’t get there when we were in Prague, altguohh we learned a great deal about it, and saw the children’s artwork in a museum there. It is such a sad chapter of history, but it needs to be told and remembered.

  4. As a child, I read and re-read the Diary of Anne Frank, which my mother boguht me for y tenth birthday. I visited the Secret Annex my second year living in Europe, and Terezin my third. It was right before Easter, and I was one of the only people in the entire place. I will never forget the forlorn tone of the man at the crematorium. Though it was much different than I imagined, being a ghetto and all, it prepared me to go to Sachsenhausen with a German friend a few months later. Definetely sobering, but necessary.

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